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Ed Laquidara is a passionate wildlife conservationist and educator. Ed presents the information necessary to students to they can make choices that will positively affect the natural world in which we live. He promotes intelligent exchanges in seminars to expand thinking and present new ideas to students. It is his primary goal to create a more caring and compassionate stance about all living things and our environments. Over the years, he and his company have created unique programs to stimulate the intellect, empathy, and imagination of any audience.

Ed grew up taking care of stray animals and working with reptiles. It remains a one of his passions to make sure abandoned animals are taken care of and placed in happy, healthy environments. Ed's facilities have become an important sanctuary for animals in need, taking in rescue animals from countless individuals and numerous institutions including: Tufts Veterinary Hospital, Harvard Museum of Natural History, and the MSPCA. He was one of only 20 herpetologists to be invited to participate in the first American Zoological and Aquarium Association (AZA) crocodilian biology and management course in St. Augustine, Florida. He also has a PHD in Zoology. Ed is sought after by professional state organizations to teach animal control and environmental control officers how to safely capture and handle wild animals and has also been a keynote speaker at the National Science Awards and the Youth Leadership Summit.

Ed continues to deliver hundreds of lectures each year from private organization to large science centers and museums. All Ed Laquidara: Elite lectures are delivered by Ed Laquidara personally, as well as a handful of his most impressive and exotic animals. This combination has created a unique and exciting presentation unlike any other lecture available.