A Unique Adventure For All
Lectures, Seminars, and Partnerships


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What We Do...

We are an exotic animal rescue and education organization. If you’ve ever seen the late Steve Irwin, or Jack Hanna on Late Night or the Tonight Show then you’ll get a good sense of what the Ed Laquidara team will bring to your audience. We are way cooler than any zoo you’ve ever visited and the experience you and your audience will receive will be unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before.

Our cause is simple… we rescue, feed and shelter exotic animals as well as educate people about the exotic animal world along with a large variety of other topics. The animals we take in are extreme in nature and are the ones that your local animal shelters are unable or unqualified to take care of. Although we are privately owned, our business is not about profit. We are about generating revenues to support and rescue more animals. As our population of rescued animals grows, so does our needs to expand our care facilities, our food provisions as well as our revenues.

With your support of our programs for your Corporate Events& Seminars, University & College Lectures as well as our unique business Partnerships, we’ve been successful at growing our cause. More importantly we’ve been extremely successful at providing you and your audience the most unique experience possible. It is this win-win approach that gets us invited back over and over by our impressive list of clientele. As a rescue center we are extremely appreciative of our clients and excited by the opportunity to add additional ones.